What can I say about David

What can I say about David🙄 Well the best Realtor I’ve ever had! I am a 6 ft. 310 pound bald former Marine, Dave is a red head, polite, shorter and lighter version of me, and yeah a former Marine also, WOW!

We became good friends right from the beginning. seriously Dave found me the house my wife dreamed of, he texted my phone all hours of the day and Night, and worked through all the roadblocks, barriers, and issues that come from home buying.

He loves, not likes his clients and aganizes each day untill the deal closes. I have moved 3 times in 10 years and I know a good realtor when I see one. Dave loves Marines, Veterans, and first time home buyers. if you are looking for a Realtor, look no further Dave is your guy.

Dr. Daniel and Tonya Coss

Lake Wilderness POA, VA